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Cracow Research Conference for Social Studies Students is an international conference, the idea of which was born in the Students Club of Self Development, and its implementation is based on close cooperation of students from various organizations.


This years - first - edition of the conference will be held on April 20-23 and its motto is "International Perspective of Young Researchers". The main assumption of the conference is to prepare presentation based on own empirical research in the field of social studies.


Students interested in active participation are invited to read the detailed requirements and to register abstract.

Passive participation does not require registration - we encourage every interested person.

About Conference

About US

Scientific Committee

Scientific committee The group of highly motivated academics who are supporting students activities on daily basics.

dr hab. Malgorzata Tyranska,

prof. UEK dr hab. Pawel Woloszyn,

prof. UEK dr hab. Joanna Wyrobek,

dr Sylwia Wisniewska,

dr Grzegorz Mis,

dr Michal Mozdzen,

dr inz. Paweł Turek


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Organizing Partners


Main Partner


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